Maria Pia Aqueveque Jabbaz

Maqueveq & Co, Italy

Awarded as one of the TOP 100 Women of the Future globally, she advises public and private leaders in the implementation of digital assets. She is CEO and founder of Maqueveq & Co, a strategic and corporate consultancy on digital asset projects. She ha served as board member of leading cybersecurity and IoT listed companies and former alternate member of the board of directors of the pension fund administrator company. She is also one of the leading voices in blockchain & crypto in Latam according to Bloomberg Linea and regular columnist on financial newspapers.

Jorge Schnura Becerro

CEO of Turing Capital, Luxembourg

Jorge Schnura Becerro is the Co-Founder & CEO of Turing Capital, a Luxembourg-based digital assets investment firm with over a decade of experience in cryptoassets. He also co-founded Veris Labs, a DeFi-focused venture builder. With a background in esports and video game entertainment, Jorge brings a diverse skill set to the blockchain industry.

Stephan Pouyat

Green PowerHouse, Belgium

Stephan Pouyat is the Founder and Chairman of BleuMotion, CEO of Green PowerHouse, Chairman of the Diamond Group Jewellers and Board Member of 1BussinessWorld and Vananam. Stephan Pouyat is a reputed businessman in the field of finance with a passion for the Sustainable Capital Development Goals as a mean to deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals. He is also Senator for Europe at the World Business Angels Investment Forum, an affiliated partner of G20 (GPFI) and Managing Director of ‘The Digital Economist’, a Global Partner of the World Bank.

Andre Pager

LOCKCHAIN Invest, Germany

André Pager is the driving force behind LOCKCHAIN Invest, with operations in both Germany and Dubai. With a M.Sc. in Business Administration and Economics, he gained years of significant experience in the automotive industry, where he mastered strategic and innovative approaches. André’s deep engagement in the blockchain space is highlighted by his participation in NFT, Bitcoin, and DeFi Talents programs. As a Bundesblock member and ITSA Expert, he is a leader in blending AI with blockchain to enhance customer experiences. His insights are anticipated to be a standout feature at the upcoming Web3 and IoT conference.

Sergei Gorlatch

University of Muenster, Germany

Sergei Gorlatch is Full Professor of Computer Science at the University of Muenster (Germany) since 2003. Earlier he was Associate Professor at the Technical University of Berlin, Assistant Professor at the University of Passau, and Humboldt Research Fellow at the Technical University of Munich, all in Germany. His research interests include algorithms, software, and applications for high-performance parallel and distributed systems, including IoT and Clouds. Prof. Gorlatch has more than 200 peer-reviewed publications in refereed international books, journals, and conferences. He has been principal investigator in several international research and development projects in the field of software for parallel, distributed, Grid and Cloud systems, machine learning, and networking, funded by the European Community and by German national bodies.

Raido Saar

Estonian WEB3 Chamber, Estonia

Raido Saar has been at the forefront of border security and intelligence with the Estonian Border Guard, playing a pivotal role for eight years in shaping national border policies and combating international crime. His extensive legal background has equipped him with the acumen to navigate and mediate the complex regulatory landscape that exists between cryptocurrency service providers and governmental regulators.

Audrey Nesbitt

Bloomly, Canada

Audrey Nesbitt, Co-founder and CEO of Bloomly, is a key influencer in the Web3 revolution. She heads a transformative platform that makes the NFT space easily accessible for businesses of all sizes, fostering new opportunities for audience engagement through innovative technology. In addition, Audrey’s pivotal role as a former CMO and marketing advisor at CryptoChicks, a global educational hub, has been instrumental in advancing the education and empowerment of women and youth in blockchain and other emerging technology. Her impactful work has garnered nominations for the Women in IT Award for Tech Startup of the Year (2023) and Outstanding Leadership (2024) at the Marketing2.0 Conference, as well as recognition for CryptoChicks at the Canadian FinTech and AI Awards and the Women in IT Awards Canada.

Carlos Juiz

Universitat de les Illes Balears, Spain

Prof. Dr. Carlos Juiz is senior member of the IEEE and also senior member of the ACM. He has also been appointed as a member of the Domain Committee on Cloud Computing from IFIP until 2017. Currently he is one executive vice-president at the TURISTEC cluster and also board member of Balears.T cluster. He is the coordinator of the workgroup of Governance of IT AENOR, the Spanish body in ISO and coeditor of the ISO/IEC 38503 standard.

Antonia Eilander

O2K & Crypto Tax Forum, Netherlands

Antonia Eilander MA LLM is the founder @O2K & Crypto Tax Forum. She is a leading expert in International Taxation & Regulation of Crypto Assets, and has 15 years experience as international corporate and tax lawyer. Antonia has worked for IBFD, AKD Lawyers Benelux and Thomson Reuters. She has worked on tax technology and blockchain projects with both Fortune 500 companies and tax authorities.

Antonio Muñoz

University of Malaga, Spain

Antonio Muñoz is an assistant professor at the University of Malaga, where he is part of the Languages and Computer Science Department and NICs Lab dedicated to cybersecurity. . Antonio has a profound interest in Security Patterns and Security Engineering. His work in these areas involves developing robust frameworks and methodologies to mitigate security risks and enhance system security. His research contributes significantly to the understanding and advancement of security practices in response to evolving technological threats.

Sibylle Diallo-Leblanc

Beaubourg Avocats,France

Sibylle Diallo-Leblanc, Law firm partner at Beaubourg Avocats, has a background in business law and tax with a specialization in Media, Technology, and Entertainment from the University of California, Los Angeles – School of Law. Over her four-year at Beaubourg Avocats, she has honed her expertise in assets tokenization, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies. Her work is pivotal in providing comprehensive legal services to tech and fintech sectors, both in France and internationally. Additionally, as a member of the ADAN’s legal committee, Maître Diallo-Leblanc contributes to shaping regulatory frameworks in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and AI, representing key Web 3.0 stakeholders in France.

Edwin Mata Navarro

Brickken, Spain

CEO & Co-Founder of Brickken, a serial entrepreneur with one successful exit, a blockchain lawyer, lecturer at universities and business schools, and an advisor for startups in the web3 ecosystem. An expert in tokenization, real-world assets (RWAs), and digital assets. Creator of the ‘Master in Blockchain & Crypto’ program for Binance Academy and Nuclio Digital School in Europe. A renowned keynote speaker.

Vyara Savova

European Crypto Initiative, Belgium

Vyara Savova is a web3 & human rights lawyer based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Vyara is a SOAS, University of London Alumna (LLM in Human Rights, Conflict and Justice) and a PhD candidate focusing on legal automation through the use of smart contracts. She is also a Senior Policy Expert with the European Crypto Initiative (EUCI) – a Brussels-based non-profit that aims to shape EU regulation to favour open, permissionless, decentralised applications leveraging blockchain technology.

Bhawana Yadav

Design & Tech Article Writer, USA

Bhawana specializes in product design and strategy, a self-starter who thrives in entrepreneurial and new uncharted environments.With a background in research and technology, she has worked on innovative solutions for public health, contributing to the design of products in areas such as E-commerce, enterprise search, AI assessment tools, and Web3. Her focus is on identifying opportunities and shaping product strategies that leverage emerging technologies to address longstanding challenges.

Klimis Ntalianis

University of West Attica, Greece

Dr Klimis Ntalianis has written more than 150 scientific papers & deliverables and has received more than 1100 citations. Dr. Ntalianis has also worked for the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (NTUA), Algosystems S.A., Kleidarithmos Publications, Municipality of Egaleo and Informatics and Telematics Institute, Center for Research and Technology Hellas.He has also worked as an expert evaluator for the Research Promotion Foundation of Cyprus in the framework of the programme “Research for Companies – Product” and for the GSRT in the framework of the Action “Collaboration”. His main research interests include multimedia processing, social media analysis, crowdsourcing and data mining.

Muhammad Younas

Oxford Brookes University, UK

Dr Muhammad Younas is a Professor of Computer Science at the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics, Oxford Brookes University, UK. His research areas include cloud computing, big data and web technologies. He has published more than two hundred papers in peer-reviewed international journals and conferences. He has been an associate editor and guest editors of a number of international journals such as Journal of Computer and System Sciences, Journal of Systems and Software, Journal of Expert Systems and Applications, Journal of Future Generation Computer Systems, Journal of Information Systems Frontiers among others. He also served as a chair and member of technical committees of various international conferences such as the: IEEE ICWS; IEEE SCC; IEEE BigDataService; IEEE/ACM UCC; ACM AAMAS and others.

Bilyaminu Auwal Romo

University of East London, UK

Dr Bilyaminu Auwal Romo is a Senior Lecturer in Computing and Digital Technologies, his recent role at Exergy Global UK. He served as the Software Development Consultant for the €13M EU’s Horizon 2020 ECOBulk.Bilyaminu held leadership positions, including Course Leader for BSc Computer Science and UG Academic Lead in the Computing and Digital Technology Department at the School of ACE. As a Research Associate (External Affiliation) at the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies and a founding member of the UEL Fintech Centre, Bilyaminu played a key role in both establishments, showcasing a successful fusion of industry engagement and research project leadership, underlining his commitment to advancing knowledge in the field.

Nasir Saeed

UAE University, UAE

Nasir Saeed is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, UAE University, Al Ain, UAE. He is also an Associate Editor of IEEE Wireless Communication Letters and Frontiers in Communication and Networks. His current research interests include the Internet of underwater and underground things, aerial networks, dimensionality reduction, and localization. He was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the Communication Theory Laboratory at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.

Riad Taha Al-Kasasbeh

University of Jordan, Jordan

Riad Taha Al-Kasasbeh received his MS in Engineering Science and Ph.D. in Controlling Biological and Electronic Equipment, and his PhD from Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University ETU “LETI”, He was a postdoctoral fellow at Konstanz University (Germany). He is currently a Professor at the University of Jordan. He is a member of professional organizations and co-author of over 110 papers (Editions: Springer, IEEE, Taylor & Francis, IASTED, Inderscience, Elsevier, etc.).

Ahmed M. Darwish

Cairo University, Egypt

Dr. Ahmed M. Darwish has numerous work in Governance both for state and corporate. He is among few visionaries in Egypt and Middle East in terms of futuristic ideas. He initiated Egypt Vison 2030, Egypt Development Map (a pioneer planning tool based on GIS and statistical population parameters). Dr. Darwish is among the few internationally known for establishing the concept of Invisible Seamless Government where pushing services dominates the operation rather than the classic pull mode. He is also among the early visionaries who anticipated in his famous talk in Paris in 2002 that old structures will fall if they do not become agile enough to absorb new technology availed tools.

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