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From Education to Industry Adoption – Showcase your brand in the most spectacular fashion to industry leaders and enthusiasts at the premier venue for top-tier professionals. We offer a diverse range of presentation options, from octornum-style stalls ideal for SMEs, to NFT galleries for digital artists and brands, and Virtual Zones for gaming studios and immersive AR/VR experiences. The entire industry and ecosystem will be vibrant and dynamic. Secure your space today to secure prime placement at Webs Week 2024 in Frankfurt.

Webs Week 2024 in Frankfurt is poised to be an exciting and innovative gathering of tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. One of the most highly anticipated events during the conference is the speaker panel discussing NFTs and the Future of Virtual Worlds. As Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) continue to revolutionize the digital art and entertainment industries, this panel promises to delve into their potential impact on the virtual landscape. Attendees can expect a deep dive into how NFTs are reshaping the way we create, trade, and experience virtual realities.

Exhibition Fields

Blockchain Development Firms

Blockchain Enterprises

Web3 Consulting Firms

Web3 Marketing Companies

Web3 Accelerators/Investors

Metaverse Development Agencies

Metaverse Marketing Agencies

NFT Artists

NFT Consumer/D2C Brands

NFT Marketplaces

Gaming Studios

Game Development Companies

Token/Crypto Exhanges

Digital Asset

Management Firms

Cloud Storage Firms

AR/VR Companies

Fintech Companies

Telecom Companies

Digital Banks / NBFCs


– 1 Registration for Clients, Staff or Guest
– Booth dimensions: 3 meter x 3 meter build
– One fascia board and power point with cord
– One table and two chairs
– Marketing Meetings, Demos & Live Video in Exhibit
– Sponsored Networking Table in Lounge to meet with Delegates
– Year Round Marketing Company Information and Web Links
– Attendee Lists and Lead Retrieval

The exhibition projects include intelligent manufacturing, intelligent service, service-oriented robots, AI artificial intelligence, key components, etc. We very much appreciate the Exhibitors that would make our World Conference on Web 3.0 & IoT a success.  It’s always great to welcome new booths, along with our regular exhibitors that we can count on to be there year after year.  

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