Alexandros Ntolgkov

Founder, Alex on Chain, Belgium
Topic - 1. Future of Decentralisation & Network States 2. Web 3.0: Gaming Revolution Alexandros often wondered as a child why only Euros were used as currency in his country, sparking skepticism about money's inherent value being just a collective belief. Inspired by diverse cultural backgrounds and stories by his father of the financial crisis after the Soviet Union collapse, and having lived through similar collapses in Greece, and witnessing one on TV in Cyprus, Alexandros saw firsthand the impacts of government corruption and economic instability. This led to a fascination with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as alternatives to traditional financial systems. Driven by these experiences, Alexandros pursued advanced education in Blockchain and Digital Currency at the University of Nicosia and earned the Chartered Blockchain Analyst Certification. Alexandros' career has spanned roles in consultancy, cryptocurrency media, digital identity, and tokenization, alongside being a guest lecturer and contributing to academic publications on web3. Alexandros is actively involved in CityDAO, applying blockchain for decentralized governance, and authors a daily cryptocurrency and web3 newsletter, aiming to foster a fairer financial world through blockchain technology.